Lesson 1: Do you speak English?

1. Do you speak English? 你会(能)说英文吗?
2. Do you have any money? 你那儿有钱吗?
3. Do you like the United States? 你喜欢美国吗?
4. Do you eat rice? 你能吃米饭吗?
5. Do you want more? 要再多要一点?
6. Do you need change? 你还需要零钱吗
7. Do you ever go back to China? 你回去过中国吗?
8. Do you feel well today? 今天感觉还好吧?
9. Do you make your own food? 你自己作饭吗?
10. Do you do anything special for the holidays? 假期期间你有什么特殊计划?

Uh-huh ㄡ
Uh-uh ㄡ
Yes 是
No 不
Yes, I do 是
No, I don’t 我不干
Of course. 当然
Are you kidding? 开玩笑?

Lesson 2: Are you Chinese?

1. Are you Chinese? 你是中国人吗?
2. Are you okay? 你好吗?
3. Are you done? 完成了吗?
4. Are you finished? 你做完了吗?
5. Are you busy? 现在忙得过来么?
6. Are you hurt? 受伤了吗?
7. Are you serious? 你是认真的吗?
8. Are you sick? 没生病吧?
9. Are you hungry? 肚子饿吗?
10. Are you thirsty? 口渴吗?

Uh-huh 嗯
Uh-uh 嗯
Yes 是
No 不
Yes, I am 我是。
No, I am not. 我不是。
Yeah, I guess 好像是 。
No, not really. 不,不是这样子。

Lesson 3: May I ask you a question?

1. May I ask you a question?我可以提问吗?
2. May I go with you? 我可以和你一起去吗?
3. May I have something to drink?有什么喝的?
4. May I smoke? 抽烟行吗?可以抽烟吗?
5. May I eat now? 可以开始吃了吗?
6. May I share something with you? 我可以和你说话?
7. May I try? 我可以试试看吗?
8. May I speak with you privately? 能单独谈话行吗?
9. May I interrupt? 我可以打断你的话吗?
10. May I leave now? 我现在可以走了吗?

Sure 当然
I’m sorry. 很抱歉
Yes 是阿
No 不,不行啊
Yes, you may. 当然可以
No, you may not. 你还不行
Of course. 当然
Um, I’m afraid not. 恐怕不行阿

Lesson 4: You’re coming, aren’t you?

1. You are coming with me, aren’t you? 你会跟我一块来 是吧?
2. You aren’t going to eat that, are you? 你该不会是要想吃那个样子的东西吧?
3. You didn’t see my glasses, did you? 你有看到过我的眼镜吗?
4. You have fish here, don’t you? 你这有鱼吧?
5. This bus goes to UCSC, doesn’t it? 这是不是开往UCSC的巴士(公交车)?”
6. We have class next week, don’t we? 我们下礼拜有课呢?
7. You understand what I’m saying, don’t you? 你应该还能听得懂我所说的话吧?
8. You ate Chinese raviolis for dinner, didn’t you? 你用馄钝作晚餐?
9. I’m your friend, am I not? 我算得上是你的朋友吧?
10. You don’t like hamburgers, do you? 你喜欢汉堡吗?

Uh-huh 嗯
Uh-uh. 嗯
Yes, we do.我们正好。
No, it doesn’t 事实不是这回事
Yes, I am. 我是
No, I don’t. 我没干过这事
Yes, I did. 我作过
No, you aren’t. 你不是这回事
Yes, I do. 我作过
No, we don’t. 我们没干过这事
Yes, you are. 你是这样
No, I am not. 我不是这样子
Yes, it does.事情就是这样子
No, I didn’t. 我可没干过这事

Lesson 5: Who are you?

1. Who are you? 你是谁?该怎么称呼您啊?
2. Who cooks your food? 谁帮你作饭?
3. Who pays your bills? 谁帮你付钱买单?
4. Who do you live with? 你跟什么人一起住?家里还有什么人?
5. Who is your doctor? 谁帮你看病?谁是你的大夫?
6. Who lives with you? 你跟什么人住?
7. Who is your favorite teacher? 你最喜欢那位老师?
8. Who do you spend time with? 谁和你一块作伴?
9. To whom in America are you most closely related? 在美国是谁和你最亲?
10. Whom would you most like to see? 谁会是你心目中最想见到的人呢?

My husband. 老公
My wife. 老婆
My son. 儿子
My daughter.女儿
My friend朋友.
My dad.我父
My grandson.孙子
Karen 凯伦
Mr. Church丘吉尔先生
May 阿美 Sharon雪伦
Dr. Smith史密斯
Pr. Li 李牧师
My dog.我的狗

Lesson 6: What are you doing?

1. What are you doing?你正忙些什么?
2. What are you thinking? 你正想些什么?
3. What do you want? 你想怎么样?
4. What were you talking about? 你说些什么话?
5. What did you do yesterday?你昨天在干什么?
6. What makes you happy?什么能使您快乐?
7. What have you tried?你真尽力试过了吗?
8. What is your last name?你姓什么 ?
9. What made you say that? 你怎么会这样说这样的话?
10. What is your favorite bird?你最喜欢什么鸟?

A pelican 孔雀
Everything 任何事任何东西
I don’t know不知道
Eating dinner 吃晚餐
I was just joking.我只是开个玩笑罢了
Li 李 More money更多钱
Helping others帮助别人
My daughter.我女儿
I am trying to figure this out.我正在琢磨这事怎样处置
I am studying English. 我正努力学习英语
It’s hard to explain. 这事还真难以向人讲清楚说明白
A mallard. 野鸭
A Canada Goose. 一只加拿大鹅

Lesson 7: Where are you going?

1. Where are you going? 你正要往那里走?
2. Where do you come from? 你从那里来的?
3. Where are you from? 您来自何方?你是那里人?
4. Where do you live? 您住什么地方?
5. Where did you go to school? 你从那里毕业的?
6. Where did you meet? 你们是怎么认识交往的?
7. Where is the bathroom? 厕所在那里?
8. Where are your children? 你的孩子呢?
9. Where’s dinner? 晚餐在那里? 晚餐去那吃 ?
10. Where has the rain gone? 雨水都往那里去了?

It’s not ready yet 没准备好。
They are scattered. 他们分散各方[各立门户]
Santa Cruz 圣克鲁兹市
Central China 华中
Northeast China 华北
Nanjing, China 中国南京
Over there 就在那儿
Right here 就在此地
Santa Cruz Adult School 圣克鲁兹成人学校
Around the corner 就在拐角
College 学院
New York City 纽约市
Home 家
I don’t know 我不知道
Messiah Church 弥赛亚教会

Lesson 8 : Why don’t you like American food?

1. Why don’t you like American food? 为什么不喜欢吃美式食物?
2. Why did you come to this country?怎么会来美国?
3. Why don’t you speak English? 为什么不说英语?
4. Why are you here? 你怎么会来这里?
5. Why aren’t you done yet? 怎么还没作好?
6. Why are you so thirsty? 你怎么弄得这么脏兮兮?
7. Why don’t you have any money? 你钱怎用光的?
8. Why do you like rice? 你为什么特喜欢吃大米饭?
9. Why don’t we have class next week? 如果我们下周继续上课好吗?
10. Why can’t I smoke here? 为什么这里不准抽烟?

I’m slow. 我动作慢
It’s too chewy.吃起来太黏太软
I don’t know. 说不上来
Just because只不过是
It’s the rules. 这是规矩
I don’t have a job待业中
It’s too hard. 这太难了。
I wanted to be with my family. 我要与家人同进退。
I want to learn English. 我要学习英文。
I just walked two miles. 我只不过徒步两哩。
I’ll be gone next week. 到了下礼拜我早已走喽。
I’ve eaten it since I was young. 打从小时后吃惯了。

Lesson 9 : How are you doing?

1. How are you doing? 一切安好吧别来无恙?
2. How do you do? 情况还好吗?
3. Howdy? 近况如何? 一切安好吧? 混得怎样?
4. How are you? 近况如何? 一切安好? 混得怎样?
5. How is it going? 事情进展如何?
6. How are you feeling?你感觉还可以吗?
7. How can I help? 我能效劳吗?有啥可以帮你?
8. How do I pay? 我该怎么付帐?
9. How do you like this weather? 您喜欢这里气候吗?
10. How do I get to the library? 我该怎么走才可以抵达图书馆?

Just fine. 挺好的。
Great. 太棒了。
Oh,I don’t know我不知道。
Just go straight. 往前走。
Excellent. 太棒了。
I’m blessed.有上帝护佑。
I can’t complain. 不能投诉。
Don’t ask别问了。
I think I’m sick. 我想我病了。
I’ve got a headache. 我感觉一阵头疼。
Turn left on Stevenson. 史第文生街口左转。
Okay. How about you? 好轮到你, 怎么可以帮到你。
You just give her the money.你就把钱交给她。
Cash, check or credit card are okay.现金支票刷卡都行
I’m tired of this weather. 我受够了这种天气。


Lesson 10 : How much does this cost?

1. How much does this cost? 这要多少钱?
2. How much salt should I add?我要加多少盐?
3. How many children do you have?你有几个孩子?
4. How many quarters do you have? 你有多少枚两毛五的硬币?
5. How many spoonfuls did you take? 你需要多少汤匙用量才合适?
6. How old are you? 你已经几岁了?
7. How much does God love you? 你怎么衡量上帝对你付出的爱?
8. Do you have many friends? 你有很多朋友吗?
9. How much do you like broccoli? 你喜欢盖兰菜到什么地步?
10. How often do you come? 你每隔多久来这一趟?

Twelve dollars 拾贰元
I’m sorry.真抱歉
I hate broccoli. 我讨厌盖兰菜。
One half teaspoon 半汤匙
Thirteen 十三
About once a month. 每月一回。
I don’t have any quarters. 我没有任何两毛五的硬币。
I took three heaping spoonfuls. 使用参汤匙用量。
He loves me enough to die for me. 耶稣为我献出生命。
It’s my favorite vegetable.这是我最喜欢的蔬菜。
Yes, I have lots of friends.我有很多朋友。
He loves me like his only son. 上帝爱我同爱祂的独生子。
It’s a secret. 这是个秘密。

Lesson 11: When did you come the US?

1. When did you come to the U.S.? 你来美国多久了?
2. When do you go to bed? 你几时就寝?
3. What time is it? 现在是几点钟了?
4. When will the bus come? 公交车几时才来啊?
5. How long does it take to get there? 要多长时间到目的地?
6. When were you going to tell me? 你几时才告诉我?
7. When do you want to go? 你几时要动身?
8. How long ago were you a doctor? 你已当大夫多久了?
9. When is lunch going to be ready? 午饭要几时才能准备好 ?
10. When will you be free for dinner? 你要几时能用餐?

Last year 去年
11:00 p.m. 夜间十一点
Eleven o’clock p.m. 下午十一点
It’s 9:15. 九点十五。
It will come in 20 minutes.车子二十分内会到。
It takes an hour by bike. 骑单车就要花掉一小时。
It takes 20 minutes by car. 开车二十分抵达。
It was supposed to be a secret. 这应该是个秘密。
I’m ready now.我已经作 好准备了。
How about 15 minutes? 十五分钟行不行?
Twelve years ago. 十二年前
Lunch will be ready in five minutes. 五分钟后午餐就好了。
I’m free next Tuesday. 我下礼拜二会有空。


Lesson 12 :What kind of food do you like?

1. What kind of food do you like? 喜欢吃什么菜?
2. Which way is the church? 那条路是通往教会的?
3. Which one of these is your favorite? 挑出你喜欢的项目?
4. Which do you prefer: rice or noodles? 喜欢饭面条?
5. Pick a number between 1 and 10. 从一到十选出个数字
6. Which person took your money? 谁拿走你的钱?
7. What did you do that for? 你为何这样客气?
8. What did you come here for? 你来到此地目的是什么?
9. What time does class finish? 上课几时会结束?
10. Name your best suit. 怎么称呼最合适?

Fried chicken 炸鸡
Go right on Mowry and you’ll find it. 毛利街右拐你绝对能找到。
I like the fluffy one. 我喜欢绒毛式有型有款。
I have no preference. 我没特别讲求。
The lady in the blue blouse took my money. 是个穿篮裙姑娘拿走我的钱。
I was just trying to help. 我只想尽份力好帮帮忙。
I wanted to see what you do here. 我想看看你在这所作的。
Class finishes at 10:00. 上课是十点钟正式结束。
I like clubs. 我喜欢俱乐部。